Local Communities and Society

Taking an active part in society as a corporate citizen

In addition to conducting clean-ups Company-wide during Social Contribution Activity Month, we are carrying out various community service activities throughout Japan and at our offices overseas.

Making contributions by capitalizing on business skills

We will establish a program to provide disaster response stocks and personnel support at our business locations to serve regional disaster preparedness needs. We also promote cooperation with local government authorities at these locations.

Concrete Initiatives

Collaboration with Toda Corporation for the Kizukai Project

On Thursday, February 13, 2020, Nishimatsu Construction collaborated with Toda Corporation to create educational puzzles for the Kizukai Project, a workshop-based social contribution program using wood from forest thinning in Japan. A total of 40 employees from Toda Corporation and Nishimatsu Construction participated. Three sets of educational puzzles (126 pieces per set, total 378 pieces) were crafted and donated to Kodomoshokudo (NPO-run dining rooms, an orphanage and a kindergarten.

Initiatives with the Local Community around Sakata Station

While moving ahead with the Sakata Station District Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project in Yamagata Prefecture, we implemented the following initiatives in cooperation with local residentsí» associations, elementary schools, junior and senior high schools, and universities.

  • To meet the requests of local elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools, Nishimatsu Construction employees participated by teaching classes as part of the schoolsí» integrated studies programs
  • Nishimatsu Construction employees participate in annual workshops to support joint research by the hotel industry and Tohoku University of Community Service and Science.
  • We collaborated with a local high school and Tohoku University of Art and Design to produce art for a temporary enclosure around a construction site.
  • We took part in activities such as the annual festival of the station district residentsí» association.
  • We invited local elementary school students and residents to participate in catching rice cakes in the rice cake scattering ceremony and in a lion dance at the framework-raising ceremony on the construction site.

The Campus Project: Collaborating to Provide a Venue for Students to Learn and Gain Professional Work Experience in Construction

As the contractor for the Campus Project, Nishimatsu Construction collaborated with the client, Kyoto Womení»s University, and the architectural firm, Nikken Sekkei Ltd. to use construction work on campus as a venue for female students to learn about construction and gain professional work experience. Centered on building a new university dining hall, the project involved students through group work, seminars and presentations.

Most of these activities were hands-on workshops designed to further the career education of students by having them interact with members of the workforce, an experience not available in a regular classroom setting. We are considering an initiative to reflect the results of the studentsí» activities up to building completion in sign design. We will continue to work toward the goal of providing students with venues for learning and expanding their career options, including in the construction industry.